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Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Every year when some festival rings in I ask myself the same question: “What happened to the child within?” I have distinct memories of me looking forward to festivals as a kid. Now that it’s Diwali time, I wonder where the enthusiasm is gone!

As a kid I was somewhat sacred of crackers & even today that hasn’t changed much. I was never a dare-devil who would light crackers in hand & throw them in the air just a few moments before they would burst. Watching me light crackers was often a funny sight for my parents. First, my brother would remove the paper so that I would have ample time to run away to a safe distance :D. Using an incense stick I would light a cracker & run for my life with the incense stick tossed god-knows-where & my hands tightly pressed against my ears. After a while I would re-enter the scene like someone who had been a part of some robbery trying to avoid the policemen on patrol. Soon my father would inform me that the cracker went off & I would be the *proud-one* B).
Back then in school we were made to sign innumerable pledges to ‘say no to crackers’. Irrespective of my resolve while signing the pledges, I would burst crackers anyways (C’mon now! I was only a school going kid back then.) Gradually as age caught up with me (trust me I am not as old as I sound), I developed an aversion to the same crackers that made me smile & feel like a war hero(ine).  Now the noise & the pollution annoy me.
Right now when I compare these two different ‘ME’ I wonder what led to this difference?!?! Irrespective of our age, all of us ask ourselves this question at some point in our lives. Aging or growing up sounds all good courtesy the apparent (refer to article: Wise enough yet?) wisdom, financial freedom, the fact that your parents start trusting your choices. But seriously, all of this sounds worthless to me right now. The reasons are simple:
·         I am no longer interested in bursting crackers, suddenly it’s all too juvenile (you would like this only if you are the environment-activist kinds);
·         I don’t run around my place eager to place more diyas than my brother in various corners of the house;
·         I am content making a twisted face every once in a while when I have had enough of locals singing in the temples & out of the loudspeakers, because they are too loud & I can’t hear my TV properly.
Based on the above-mentioned reasons I officially declare today: I HATE GROWING-UP! {..& mind you wrinkles are placed way low on my list of reasons..for the time-being ;)} I hate it how I let the kid within me (not an actual kid O.o) succumb to the so-called responsibilities & maturity. Hold your horses..I am not shunning adulthood, I am simply going to allow myself to let loose a little. :D
NOTE OF HONESTY: When I sat down to write down this piece of my mind, I was quite sure that I will end up blaming the elders of the house a.k.a parents for making the festivities so boring, but now I say unleash the carefree kid in you & watch it infect others. We often complain “Nobody bothers”, however we never say “I should try.” J


Anonymous said...

i guess we all developed at a very fast pace and hence ignored "THAT CHILD" ..........

Divya said...

Anonymous: As kids we are too keen to grow up & act like our parents but as it is said: 'Grass is always greener on the other side'..& wen you are at the other side you hate it!

manveet said...

I have always been scared of crackers and noise and yes they do annoy me to the core but now i do miss the time when i used to see my brother so charged up to light crackers on diwlai. even he doesn't like crackers now!
Times like these i do miss the child that i was & will never be again in my life no matter how hard i try because i have lost that child forever long time agon and i am never gonna be that person again

P.S- Divya Sharma- Sorry For late reply but i wanted my mind to be absolutely clear and fresh to read ur blog !! and i loved it ♥

Divya said...

Manveet: I know babes..sigh..& for the replying thing..chuck it ree :D <3

Deepti Tyagi said...

Nice Divi and Very True...

Divya said...

Deepti: thnk u :)

Aastha Tandon said...

Scared of crackers ha? Hehe... Clearly states the transition phase every child goes through before stepping into adulthood... Awesome.