Monday, 2 February 2009


You are an irresponsible parent and hence we are doing the job of disciplining your children: this is what the Sri Ram Sene goons are telling the parents of the victims of the Mangalore pub incident. This is the justification of the attack by these goons at girls who were spending some time at a pub named Amnesia.

Though this incident has attracted the ire of many sections of the society, I will just give a brief of this very unfortunate happening. The incident goes like this: some girls were at this pub Amnesia in Mangalore and suddenly the goons of Sri Ram Sene entered the premises and started hitting the girls badly. To the horror of these girls they were chased down and hit repeatedly. Some girls also claim to have been molested. This is a really shocking episode that has come to light. However the most unfortunate part of the entire story is yet to come and it is that neither these goons nor their ‘masters’ are apologetic about what they did. There is this lack of resentment as they believe that they are helping to preserve the Indian culture. But the fact is that they aren’t doing it for the culture, rather for their own sake. This is a clear attempt to hog the limelight.

The victims of this horrifying act are too scared to lodge any complaints. Even shocking is the fact that the CM of Rajasthan and some other political figures are lending support to this heinous act. Even this episode has raised that question once again: Is such moral policing called for? The answer is an absolute and unambiguous NO. Such people in the name of cultures or regions do no good to the society. The fact that such incidents are happening and are offered support by political figures is a blot on our country’s claim to be a democracy. I don’t say that girls should or should not go to pubs, all I say is that no second person or party has to right to take the decision for the person concerned.

This incident has me uneasy as it has also thrown light on yet another alarming fact i.e. there is still this huge divide between girls and boys in our ‘progressive’ country as only girls are being asked to keep away from pubs or discotheques. It is also being said that such places are not good and not a part of the Indian culture as they have been taken from the Western culture. “Girls shouldn't try and imitate boys”- statement by another one of our leaders. To this I have to say that if pubs are ‘not at all’ a part of the Indian culture and such bad places to be in then why is it okay for men to be present at such places. If something is bad, it is bad for all or for none. Some intelligent people have very rightly given an alias to this group, which is Indian Taliban.

If someday you see a girl being beaten for having stepped out of her place don’t be surprised- after all it's just a way of preserving the Indian culture.

Now, time for an eye-opener for these wolves disguised as sheep: Indian culture has always advocated tolerance towards all beings. It’s not girls or anybody else who is to be stopped from stepping out of their places and enjoying their selves as per our culture; rather it is such intolerance, such ill-treatment of people that has to be stopped from firming its roots amongst us.