Monday, 30 March 2009


It's time for all of us to wake up from our slumber. Ragging has to be stopped right away if we do not want any more Aman Kachroo's. Aman Kachroo a fresher in a medical college was harassed and put to a brutal death by his seniors. All of us can lend a helping hand in putting an end to this crime. Go to and sign the petition that will be sent to the PM to put forward the view that the Indian Penal Code should be amended to make ragging an offence. Kindly do it as soon as possible and also let the people around you know about it. You can sign the petition till May 7. Please do it..even I did. Here's hoping to see you become a part of this significant initiative.

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Umesh Pathak / उमेश पाठक said...

cograts 4 writing on such a serious issue.pls use some good gadgets on ur blog.all the best!