Saturday, 20 November 2010


A little over a month ago, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation decided to reserve the first coach of every Metro exclusively for women on an experimental basis & the result is there for everyone to see. Though like every new idea even this one had its share of teething problems, but gradually things fell in place. In the initial days some men would stray into the women-only coach because some were not aware of any such coach, some wouldn’t travel in a coach different from that of their female partners or some other excuse.

The women folk were obviously the happiest when this announcement was made in September end. Even today the enthusiasm about the special coach hasn’t diminished among the women, a ride in the first coach of the Metro can tell you how comfortable they are. Women can be over heard talking to each other about the how they love it when there are no men ogling unnecessarily, pushing & groping at them.

Gradually even the Metro authorities became stricter in order to ensure that first coach is men-free. There are guards on duty to prevent any man from entering this coach & random checks are made & if any man is found in the first coach he has to part with Rs. 200 as a penalty & is asked to move to any of the other three coaches.

This move on part of the DMRC has put the women at ease by taking the unnecessary hassle of using public transport out of their lives. Let’s hope it is here to stay.

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