Saturday, 25 December 2010


There are times when I curse emotions we humans have love/attachment being on top of the list. Because we get attached to people, we are hurt. Relations are formed on the basis of love & trust. Seeing a relation crumble is a major setback. We get in & out of relations all our life but only some become indispensable. Relations with our friends & family are such.

All my life I have seen & heard people going different ways after years of togetherness & always wondered how can it be possible for two people to let go of each other after having shared their lives for so long. I have had friends in school & college who were close to my heart but they are not with me today because things didn’t turn out right. Only after a few months of togetherness it was an uphill task to let go of them, I dread to imagine what a person goes through when he/she has to say goodbye after years of togetherness.

The even tough part is when you see two of your loved ones fighting, when you see them standing on the verge of breaking away from each other & no matter how badly you want them to stop but you just can’t help the situation. In a situation like this you can cry your heart out to make yourself feel temporarily better hoping that your tears will wash away the bitterness amongst the two you equally love. While these two will choose their individual paths, you will just stand & watch with grief pressing upon an already heavy heart. Once they have gone their ways & you think it can’t get any worse, the time comes to side with either one of the two. No matter how heart wrenching it is for you, but you will be forced to do it. This is when once again tears blur your vision but make it clear to you that there is no way that you can let go of anyone of the two. It’s like being pulled by two evenly powerful forces in opposite directions & preparing yourself to be torn apart in two pieces.

Trust is the cementing factor in a relationship. Here trust is dead. Actual events are apparent misunderstandings & wrong readings. Here mistrust has grown into an ugly & unshakeable monster which will sooner or later eat out the very roots of this relation.

Relations don’t come with a price tag, albeit it is also true that we realise their value only when we lose them. They are gifts given by God to make our lives easy & happy, but I wonder how a gift given by God himself can backfire. I wish they came with a guarantee of eternal life.


Deepti Tyagi said...

lykd it from hr8.............

Divya said...

thnx Deepti.